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Website Design in Pakistan

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Date : March 5, 2019
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Location : Lahore, Pakistan

#1 Website Development Company and Best Web Design in Lahore – Pakistan

The best services of website designing in Lahore-Pakistan and we are providing web design in Lahore today’s agenda is first we will learn what is web design second we will learn what is the process of web design the steps or life cycle of web design third we will see which technology can be useful in web designing finally we will conduct web design workshop we will be happy to help your team let’s learn what is web, dictionary defines web is a complex system of interconnected elements in our context web means interconnected electronic documents we called it web pages then what is website let’s learn that now a website is a related collection of worldwide web.

Now it’s good time to learn what is webdesign web design is the planning and creation of websites this includes many elements web design includes information architecture user interface site structure navigation layout colors bonds and imagery all of these are combined with the principles of design to create a website that meets the goals of the owner and designer.

Best Website Development Company in Lahore

We Will Start the web Design Is A Key part Of Development This Includes Both The Design Principles Balance Contrast Emphasis Rhythm Andunity And The Design Elements Lines Shapes Texture Color And Direction Let’s Understand Website Design A Development Process Some Key Points To Remember In Website Design And Development Process One You Need A Good Project Plan To Larger Projects Need A Project Manager Three Adopted Development Framework For The Project Life Cycle Encompasses The Entire Project From Start To Finish Web Design And Development Life cycle Is

Most Important Process It Includes Following Key Steps

1 :Customer Requirements And Specification

2: Information Design And Taxonomy Creation

3: Graphic Design And Page Template

4: Creation For Construction And Content Development

5: Quality Assurance And User testing

6: Publishing And Promotion

7: Ongoing Maintenance

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